Upload Instructions

Step 1: TITLE

Go to "Vital Info Tab" Title goes in the “Product Name” section

Step 2. 5 Bullet Points

Go to the “Description Tab" – then expand the selection and add each bullet point.

Step 3: HTML Product Description

Step 4: Backend "Search Terms"

Make sure to add the back-end keywords in the “Search Terms” tab.

Amazon has a special area
for these, located in the
“Keywords” tab of your Seller Central's back- end office area.
Simply copy and paste

You migh also have other fields that you can fill but won’t have much weight in terms of SEO as the search terms.

Its purpose is to make your description easy to read, well-
Formatted and to direct attention to the key elements of your product offering.
Amazon typically claims that you
shouldn’t use HTML.
This has recently changed and
they do allow some specific HTML tags.

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