Product Listing Details

Product Listing Components

A full product listing involves:

  • The product identifier – a unique code: UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.

  • The offer details – condition, price, shipping, deals

  • The product details: title, category, description, images


The offer and product details must also contain keywords to help sellers find your items.

The Importance of Optimized Listings

Although offer and product descriptions can be short, they must quickly appeal to a global audience. If your product description has bad grammar or spelling mistakes, buyers lose confidence and move onto a seller who has better descriptions.


Keywords are vital. These are short terms buyers type into the search bar. Without the right keywords, you could lose out on hundreds of sales.


Remember, buyers are being asked to part with their hard-earned cash – they will not do so without receiving equal value. Shoddy descriptions make them question your business practices and if the product will ship in a timely manner.

Our Solution

Bluebird Marketing Solution’s product listing service starts with a complete understanding of your product catalogue. Next, we ensure each product has the correct identifier, and is listed in the right category.  We’ll also show you how to optimize the offer and product details with the right keywords.

Powerful Words

Your product’s image, offer, description, optimization and how it is categorized is the difference between a buyer clicking ‘purchase,’ or moving on to the millions of other sellers on Amazon. Contact us today for product descriptions that attract the buyers you want.

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