Amazon & Strategic Business Consulting

Amazon Consulting

Bluebird Marketing Solutions is affiliated with Wizards of Amazon, which hosts the world’s largest meetup of Amazon sellers. Between our direct access to the input of millions of sellers and our ongoing research into every facet of Amazon, we have exactly what you need to be a successful seller online.


We are not going to spout platitudes at you or generic advice. Bluebird offers counselling that is specifically targeted to selling on Amazon. Our consulting service is then further tailored to make that advice make sense for your brand.


Bluebird Marketing Solutions works with emerging sellers, corporations looking to increase their Amazon market share, and more. Each seller gets the counselling that makes sense for them, and only them. This targeted consulting gives you a competitive advantage that cannot be understated.

A Powerful Combination

The combination of targeted Amazon consulting with strategic business counselling, all customized for your business and goals, is a powerful combination. With the right advice you can distinguish yourself on Amazon. Contact us today for a more successful tomorrow.

Strategic Business Consulting

Our strategic business consulting targets the aspects of your company that are indirectly related to your success as an Amazon seller. We let you know if it’s time to expand, increase or decrease inventory, refresh your brand identity, focus on reputation management, and more.

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