What is Amazon Spark and How Sellers Can Use It?

When it comes to staying on top of all of the latest social media platforms, it can be challenging if you are attempting to do it alone. Luckily, Wizards of Amazon exists to keep our members in the loop as to the newest advancements in social media and the online marketplace, including the introduction of Amazon Spark.

It can be difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in technology and social media, as these industries are growing and changing every day. However, as a seller on Amazon, it is imperative that you remain at the forefront of the latest innovations that assist you in staying connected to your customers. Luckily for sellers, the very latest advancement in social media specifically targets the Amazon customer – that is Amazon Spark.

Understanding Amazon Spark

Amazon Spark is the latest in social media platforms, and was actually created by Amazon. It enables Amazon users to post content including photos, products, questions, polls, and links. Similar to other social media platforms, users can interact with each other by tagging their interests, commenting on other user’s posts, or “liking” a post through the “smile” function. Although Amazon Spark was first launched in July 2017, it remains relatively new on the social media scene. Only Amazon Prime users who have spent a minimum of $50 in the past year are eligible to post photos on Amazon Spark. Those who do not fit the criteria can observe the feed, but are unable to interact. Most interestingly, sellers do not have access to Amazon Spark. At least for now, this is a social media platform for buyers only.

How Does Amazon Spark Work?

The concept behind Amazon Spark is fairly simple. Users can begin exploring Amazon Spark directly through the Amazon app. While you’re viewing a product on the app, you will see a direct link to where you can purchase it, if it is in stock, and if it is, how many items are still available. As a seller, Amazon Spark is an interestingly Amazon-specific social media platform within which you can engage potential buyers. As a seller, you could also quickly check to see what popular opinions exist regarding your items, as well as your competitor’s brands. As this app is still in its infancy, sellers do not have to deal with the level of competition for attention that exists on Facebook or Instagram. In addition, as all members must be active Amazon Prime members, you know from the outset that all members of Amazon Spark are avid Amazon customers already and a good target for your own brand.

Joining Wizards of Amazon

Wizards of Amazon is an Amazon Seller community, open to Amazon Private Label, Arbitrage, Wholesale, Merch and Amazon Self Publishing sellers of all experience levels. Wizards of Amazon also hosts the largest and most active Amazon seller meetup group in the United States. Best of all, membership to the Wizards of Amazon community is absolutely free. Every one of our events are unique, so you will always learn something new. The topics for our events are released in advance of each meetup, with groups meeting at least seven times per month (with that number rising to eight or nine events each month in 2019). When new developments – such as Amazon Spark – are on the horizon, we hear about it and share that news with our members. We exist as a resource for our members and strive to be the best community out there for Amazon sellers.

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