The Specs on Amazon’s New Frustration-Free Packaging

Do you need to revamp your packaging to meet Amazon’s new frustration-free packaging requirements?

Did you get the memo? Amazon’s frustration-free packaging vendor incentive program has implemented new requirements.

What’s New?

By August 1, 2019, any of the items you ship through Amazon that are larger than 18" x 14" x 8" or heavier than 20 lbs will need to be designed and certified as ready-to-ship (Tier 1 – FFP or Tier 2 – SIOC) within the Frustration-Free Packaging program. Amazon will be contacting you with an ASIN portfolio overview indicating the certification status of any of the products that will be impacted by this program.

What Are the Ready-To-Ship Specifications?

Each item will need to be right sized, protected against damage, and ready to ship in ideally easy-to-open and recyclable material—all without the need for additional packaging—in order to fulfil the new frustration-free packaging requirements.

Why Should You Start Thinking About This Now?

The frustration-free packaging program changes don’t take effect until August 1—but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from getting a head-start. Amazon is offering a credit for early adopters of these changes. The credit will be applied to any of the items that are certified between September 17, 2018 and July 31, 2019 and are received in Amazon’s fulfilment network up to the August 1 launch date.

What Are the Benefits of Opting for Frustration-Free Packaging?

The frustration-free packaging program is a part of Amazon’s sustainable packaging program. As such, one of the main benefits is environmental. Cutting back on waste materials has a big environmental impact on the planet: frustration-free packaging helps to reduce waste, which means cutting back on the amount of plastic and other non-recyclable materials that are too frequently used to ship items; it also encourages a more sustainable use of recyclable packaging materials(like cardboard boxes) by reducing the amount that is used.

However, environmental responsibility isn’t the only benefit; there is a cost benefit for you, too. You’ll save money on the cost of packaging your items, and it is proven that frustration-free packaging improves the customer experience by lowering their costs, reducing the amount of waste they need to deal with, and by offering them easy-to-open, recyclable packaging—and happy customers means more sales for you.

What Impact Has Frustration-Free Packaging Had So Far?

Amazon put its frustration-free packaging program into action 10 years ago because it is jointly good for the planet, for communities, for customers, for business, and for Amazon’s selling partners. In that time, thousands of Amazon’s global vendor partner have opted to move to frustration-free packaging, and together they have already eliminated more than 244,000 tons of packaging materials. In 2017 alone, they also saved the equivalent of 305 million shipping boxes. In other words, the impact is anything but small.

Questions? Here’s Where to go for Answers:

If you have questions or concerns about the new frustration-free packaging regulations or how to go about implementing them, contact Amazon’s third-party Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). They will be able to help you with designing, testing, and certifying your packaging with Amazon. You can also check out Amazon’s new information hub on packaging to see additional tools, videos, and case studies. Contact Wizards of Amazon for more tips and tricks, to consult with one of the experts, or to participate in the free vendor meetup.

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