How to Navigate the New Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Guidelines

Wondering if the new EBC guidelines apply to you? Here’s a quick look at what the new rules are all about and how to navigate them.

Are you confused about Amazon’s new Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) guidelines? They may seem a little cryptic right now, but they are important to take note of. Why? Because EBC listings are the first to pop up when you search Amazon listings on a mobile device, and we all know that your sales will be significantly better if those listings are formatted properly so they look good and work for both mobile devices and computers.

What are the new EBC guidelines all about?

Before we look at what’s new, let’s first establish what EBC is. EBC stands for “Enhanced Brand Content,” and it’s a feature that allows brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs. Why does this matter? Because it allows you to add information to your product detail page that could make the product more appealing to potential buyers. For instance, EBC allows you to add:

· Enhanced images

· Modified text placements

· Answers to FAQs

· Your brand story

· And other relevant product details

These added details will not only help to make your product detail page look more appealing, but the added information will help speed up and increase sales, and they should even help reduce the likelihood of product returns. Essentially, the new EBC guidelines help you include more information about what your product is and why your potential customer should buy it—and the more information you can provide about the product, the more likely that customer will be to buy, which means you’ll gain increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and increased sales as a result.

Who is eligible for EBC?

If you are a seller and have been approved through Amazon’s Brand Registry process, or if you are part of specified managed selling programs (Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives), then you are qualified to add the new EBC guidelines to any ASINs that are included in your approved brand catalog.

What are the new rules for EBC?

If you are interested in EBC, then you need to follow the new EBC guidelines to help keep your listing from being rejected. These restrictions include (but are not limited to):

· Listing guarantees (i.e. warranty, refunds, shipping, etc.)

· Using promotional or time sensitive language (i.e. “hottest product”, “buy now”, etc.)

· Using (or infringing on) copyrights, trademarks, registered symbols, etc.

· Referencing seller authorization

· Including links to pages outside of Amazon

· Using blurry, low-quality images, images with watermarks or unreadable text, or images that don’t show the product (brand story photos excluded)

· Including typos, spelling and grammar errors, or language foreign to the marketplace

· Making unverified or otherwise prohibited product claims

How to make the most of the new EBC guidelines

The new EBC comes with some clear benefits:

· You now have access to more templates

· Each template offers more space for your content and banners

· And the format works better on mobile devices.

However, since the templates are the most impacting new feature, and since getting the right flow is important to effective EBC, getting a handle on the new EBC guidelines is important. The first two modules of the template are locked: the first is for your brand logo (PNG formatted with a transparent background), and the second is for your maximum 2000-character product description (this will auto-populate if you already have a product description on your main listing). The third module is for your banner image (970 x 300 pixels), to which you can opt to add a header and description. Modules four and five are where you highlight the bulk of your product features; this is where you should provide the most important and enticing sales copy. Modules six to nine also highlight product features but require more concise and pointed sales copy. Module 10 is for your second banner (also 970 x 300 pixels).

The new EBC guidelines are designed to help you better highlight your products so you can maximize your traffic, sales, and conversions. For more ideas to help you boost your brand, visit Wizards of Amazon today.

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