How to Grow Your Email List Overnight with Group Giveaways

Summary: Looking for a way to add more potential clients to your email list? Group giveaways can help you grow your email list overnight. Here’s how.

How to Grow Your Email List Overnight with Group Giveaways

It may sound counterintuitive, but offering product giveaways is actually a really effective way to boost your sales. You’ll increase your email list, grow your customer pool, and draw more potential conversions to your page.

How does it work?

Product giveaways are a promotional marketing strategy. At the end of it, you’ll select one winner to give a free product away to, but that isn’t the real target of the campaign. The target is getting each prospective contestant to promote your product, allowing it to spread through multiple social media networks in a big hurry. You’ll reach a wide visual market, and each person who enters to win the free giveaway is a new potential client.

All you need to do is choose your preferred social media platform—or you can run your giveaway as an email contest. You’ll post the product you want to promote/give away on that platform along with entrant requirements. These can vary, but most commonly they’ll instruct the entrant to like and follow you, share your post, tag or refer people to the contest, and/or follow you on other social media platforms.

Of course, there is an even easier way to run a product giveaway: you can run a giveaway through Amazon Promotions.

Amazon promotions

Amazon Promotions gives you a clear advantage over other platforms: Amazon will take care of the logistics for you. They’ll select the winner and send the prize. Further, this way the winner will be able to post a review on Amazon without causing you to violate Amazon’s incentivized promotion policy. You’ll still be in control of the giveaway; you’ll be able to specify which item you want to promote or give away, how many winners you want to have, what the entrant requirements are, and which of the four types of giveaway you want (random instant win, sweepstakes, lucky number, or first-come first-served). You can also reward the non-winning entrants for their participation by offering them discount codes.

Is it worth your while to run a product giveaway?

Absolutely. There are a number of benefits. Giveaways can help you:

  • Grow your social media network, which will grant you more exposure all the time;

  • Grow your email list with new leads who have actually shown an interest in your product;

  • Gain product exposure by using the event’s buzz to entice new potential clients to view your product and learn about your company;

  • Reward your clients, fans, and followers for their loyalty by giving a little back to them;

  • Save money while still creating a marketing campaign that has good reach;

  • Boost your sales overall with all your new clients.

It makes good marketing sense

One of the best marketing strategies is to get satisfied and excited clients to market your products for you. Offering those clients a chance to win a free product is a good way to encourage their enthusiasm at the same time that you are rewarding their loyalty. That’s how you not only reach new prospective clients, but also reward the clients you already have and value for being loyal, repeat spenders. After all, the best clients aren’t the ones who make one purchase, but who come back to you again and again. Amazon Promotions and other product giveaway platforms can help you to facilitate that.

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