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Community Guidelines


We offer effective techniques, tools, and marketing solutions to help your brand grow to become its greatest success, both on and off Amazon. To help bolster that success, we’ve created a community space for Amazon sellers (and those who are looking to become Amazon sellers) to ask and answer questions, as well as to connect, support, and encourage each other.

Our goal is to make this a productive community space for everyone. This space is inclusive, inviting and most importantly, fun!

As such, our moderation policy helps ensure posts and comments are relevant, appropriate, and inoffensive. Posts that are deemed inappropriate for reasons that include but are not limited to: being unclear, irrelevant, offensive, unlawful or threatening, or that contain promotional content may be asked to be edited or may be removed.

We have a few rules that help make sure our community space is an awesome experience for everyone:

1. Keep things friendly.

Be respectful of others and keep your discussions civil. If you don't have constructive feedback or advice when someone asks a question, you're free to not answer their question.

DO NOT post any comments that are threatening, abusive, indecent, harassing, defamatory, or in other ways offensive.

DO NOT discuss politics or religion in this Facebook group.

2. No spamming.

You can introduce yourself and your brand but refrain from self-promotion. If you spam the group, we will remove you from the group. Before you post, stop and ask, "Am I trying to promote myself? Will this post add value to the group?"

DO NOT post comments or links that can in any way be considered promotional, either of yourself, your software, your services, your page, or your group. Make sure you present any product or service recommendations in good faith and not using affiliate codes. If you are affiliated with the product or service, please state as much.

DO NOT use this group to point to your other FB groups, free webinars, or other groups on social media. (Please message our admins privately if you feel like you have an exception to this rule.)

3. Contribute to the community.

Ask questions (we encourage them!). Join in the ongoing discussions. Share links and information that provide valuable and relevant information for Amazon sellers.

DO NOT post comments or content that benefits only yourself. Our ambition is for anyone who scrolls through the feed to be able to benefit from and contribute to the conversation.

DO NOT use the Live Video or Watch Party functions. Facebook notifications are disruptive to members. You may add a pre-recorded video as long as it provides value to the conversation.

4. Relationships are forged here. Do not abuse them.

We want this to be a safe and productive community space, and that means respecting people’s privacy.

DO NOT blanket DM or email members of this group without their consent to promote your show, channel, work, or your services. 

DO NOT collect, repackage, and/or share data outside of the group (no market research surveys).

DO NOT request email addresses or other contact information from members.

DO NOT send private messages or "PM me" requests. This is a group, so if you have something helpful to share, please share it with the group.

5. Be respectful of everyone’s experience levels.

DO NOT answer questions or start posts with references to what you do or have done with "your clients". It is insulting to our intelligence and is really just bad form.

6. Let's have fun!

Keep in mind that our community standards help us keep the conversation relevant, engaging, and enjoyable for all members, and remember these principles when you create a post.

  • Debate and disagreement can be constructive, but personal attacks and trolling are not. Abusive and offensive comments will not be tolerated.

  • Constructive criticism of products, services, policies, and performance can be helpful; smear tactics and propaganda are not.

  • Please consider the impact of posts that introduce or touch on sensitive issues. Discussion of these issues may be constructive and necessary—as long as posts and comments refrain from insensitivity and other forms of inappropriateness. Remember, we want this to be a safe, non-toxic, non-threatening space for EVERYONE.

  • Keep your comments relevant to the conversation. We want our community to provide relevant, intelligent discussion and support.

  • Avoid promotion, lead generation, private messaging, and soliciting.


Help us keep this community fun and productive space by notifying us of any problems. If you feel a post or conversation is inappropriate, please notify us directly.

Deviance Policy

We reserve the right to, without your notification, remove any posts that do not correspond to our rules and standards. Repeat discrepancies will result in permanent removal from the group.

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