How to Set up a Business Facebook Page

Step 1:

Visit and click on "Create a Page"

Step 2. Select your business type

Once you click on “Create a Page”, you will be asked to choose your page category.

Please choose Business or Brand to showcase your products or services and click “Get Started”.

Step 3: Add your company's information to the page

Your profile picture should always be your logo. You’ll also be required to upload a Facebook cover photo (make sure it's the ideal Facebook cover photo size!) This is the larger, banner-like photo that sits at the top of your profile. When uploading this picture, keep in mind the size of the image you select. The optimal size for a cover photo on a desktop is 315 pixels tall and 851 pixels wide.

To upload a profile picture click on “Upload a Profile Picture”.

To upload a cover picture click on “Upload a Cover Photo”.

Step 5: Complete your About section for your business.

Once you upload your images, you’ll see your page start to come together! To keep your audience well-informed, you’ll need to makes sure your About section is filled with the details they may be seeking. Use the menu on the left side of the page (just below your profile picture) to navigate to the About section. Then, fill in the information you think your customers will need!

You’re almost there! Your company Facebook Page has all come together, and it’s time for the finishing touches. On the homepage, you’ll find some “Page Tips.” I recommend clicking through these prompts and adding things like a short description, creating a username, and more.

Step 6: Start posting on your new business Facebook Page.

Now that you’ve built out your profile, you’ve gotten to the fun part – posting content for your audience to consume and engage with! Anything you can post to engage with your audience that will help to build valuable relationships with your Facebook fans.

Click on “Create a Post”, you will be seeing features that you can choose whether you like to upload a photo, upload a video or just write a post.

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