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Blue Bird Marketing & Consulting offers many years of experience helping new and large businesses launch and grow thousands of new products with great success both on and off Amazon. We help brand-owners grow their brand both on and off Amazon by employing effective techniques and tools such as Amazon Marketing tools. Below please find a list of solutions you can choose from to rocket your brand to the greatest success.


The only way to be successful on Amazon is to learn proven strategies that work. Our Amazon FBA selling courses include the basics of getting started, sourcing products, setting up your store, private label selling, and reputation and review management. You’ll also learn about PPC marketing, launch strategies, Facebook integration, and so much more.


Network with, learn from, and be inspired by the best online sellers in the business. Wizards of Amazon hosts events around the world, including our local meetups in Miami and bi-annual product sourcing trips to Guangzhou, China. You could also join us on our annual cruise, which is for sellers across all digital marketplaces, and catch us at events such as the eBay Open, Social Media Marketing World, and many more.

Our Services

In conjunction with our sister company Blue Bird Marketing Solutions, we provide individual services to help you maximize each aspect of the selling experience. Choose from among business consulting, DSP, product listing details, A+/EBC, PPC management, and more. Whether you need one or a full suite of services, Wizards of Amazon is here to help.


You’re a winner by being part of the Amazon sellers’ legacy, so why not get some swag to go along with that title? Every month our Amazon sellers have a chance to win premium seller tools, lifetime marketing services, and free consultation calls, to name a few of the many perks. Winning one of our contests gets you selling more, faster. Become a Wizard of Amazon client today for your chance at these great prizes.

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